Rediscovery of the onetime Muirhead Clan Seat, Lauchope House Ruins near Chapelhall, Scotland

My many thanks to Maxine Ross and Paul Wilkinson for their fabulous photos of the Lauchope House Ruins site near Chapelhall Scotland. Both Maxine and Paul have given me permission to use their Photos on our website with credits. Adam and I will be visiting this site. We will meet with Maxine Ross who will show us around the site on our upcoming trip to Scotland.

As I understand it from Maxine the site is in danger of being developed. She and others would like it to remain natural green lands. For now Maxine has appointed herself as temporary caretaker and enjoys walking her dog there under and around the Lauchope Oaks. A full report will follow our visit.

Maxine Ross's Photo's

Paul Wilkinson's Photo's

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