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The Muirhead Clan Society is, for our purpose and definition, a Clan of Scotland. Historically, pre-1300's, were they a Clan as in a Highland Clan? Who's to say? Most researchers would say, "Very likely, they were not based on the spelling of the name Muirhead," but one also needs to remember that the Highlands of Scotland and its border with the lowlands of Scotland, as well as the place names and surnames, were not fixed and unmoving, but constantly shifting and would continue to fluctuate for centuries even after the 1600's.

We are a gathering of families united by a common social bloodline, a social group with a common ancestry and purpose that was historically based in Scotland under patriarchal and feudalistic leadership. The ancient clan system of Scotland does not survive in the truest sense of what were the Highland clans of Scotland, in its original Gaelic form. Clan Muirhead exists today through the spirit of the Ancient Clans of Scotland. Its membership is a modern association of kith and kin of the international Muirhead/Morehead and associated families. Our ancestral roots run deep in Scotland where our ancestry has been found at one time fixed proprietors of lands of Muirhead as far back as King William or sooner.

There is now a belief that clans are Highland and families are Lowland, but this is really a development of the Victorian era. In an Act of Parliament of 1597, we have the description of the "Chiftanis and chieffis of all clannis... duelland in the hielands or bordouris", thus using the word clan to describe both Highland and Lowland families.

Further, Sir George MacKenzie of Rosehaugh, the Lord Advocate (Attorney General) writing in 1680 said, "By the term 'chief' we call the representative of the family from the word chef or head and in the Irish (Gaelic) with us the chief of the family is called the head of the clan". So it can be seen that all along the words chief or head and clan or family are interchangeable.

It should also be said that the various Sept lists which are published in the various Clans and Tartan books have no official authority. They merely represent some person's [usually in the Victorian eras] views of which name groups were in a particular clan's ter-clansmen came from within his territory. Thus, we find members of a clan described as being persons owing allegiance to their chief "be pretence of blud or place of there dwelling".

The question of Clan or Family in the Muirhead case has yet to be historically proven with documented evidence one way or the other and may never be. What is important now is that we let history answer that question and keep focused on searching for the historical truth and documents to support our findings. In the interim, we are the Clan Muirhead with a united purpose and common goals, on a journey together to find our way back to our ancestral home.

We are the Clan Muirhead because we are united for a common purpose to celebrate our Scottish heritage, to promote and foster clan spirit, to provide a focal point to express clan sentiment, to acquire and maintain objects of historical and cultural interest, to address genealogical research, to encourage participation in Highland Games and Gatherings, and to cultivate a spirit of kinship and pride in those who belong to Clan Muirhead, today and all our descendants that follow.

The Muirhead Clan Society is a society of Scots and Scots descendants who have an interest in the history and preservation of their common cultural heritage. In addition to being a Scot or Scot descendant, all members are surnamed or descended from a person with the surname Muirhead, or one of the names associated with Muirhead.

These names include:

Muirhead, Muirheid, Murehead, Morehead, Moorhead and Moorehead.

Some of the more numerous surnames that are associated with the Muirhead family history are:

Aitkenhead, Bayles, Beakes, Burrowes, DuVernet, Grosset, Guild,
Hamilton, Holmes, Howell, Hunter, Lott, Muirhead-Gould, Shaw, Stark, Walpole, and Wright.

If you are of the Muirhead family line, or of one of the names associated with Muirhead, and have any information to contribute, feel free to contact The Muirhead Clan Society. If you would like more information on or would like to join the Muirhead Clan Society, get in contact with the Clan President/Chief Elect using the contact information found by clicking: Society Staff and Contact.

You do NOT have to be of the Muirhead line to be a member of the Muirhead Clan Society. 

We welcome everyone who wishes to join.

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  • Board of Directors and/or Incorporates:

    President/ Chief Elect
    Rev. (Ret.) Raymond Lee Morehead, GOTJ, FSA Scot.
    6522 194th Avenue East
    Bonney Lake, WA 98390

    Yen-Chi Morehead
    6522 194th Avenue East
    Bonney Lake, WA 98390

    Clan Secretary, Clan Falconer:
    Sandie L. Morehead Smith
    21501 122nd. St. Ct. E.
    Bonney Lake, WA. 98391

    Other Appointed and/or Elected Clan Officers
    Vice President Elect
    Charles D. Morehead

    Clan Bard/keeper of the database
    Susan Shaw

    Clan Tech Advisor, Web Site
    Adam L. Morehead

    Clan Newsletter Editor
    Trish Morehead

    Council of Elders
    David Grossett, TX. (by post)
    Laura Matthew, AZ
    Janice Muirhead, CO.
    Bob Morehead, OH.
    Sandy M. Gould, OH. (by post)
    Glen and Trish Morehead, WA.
    Ray Muirhead, VA.
    William(Bill) S. Muirhead

    State/Regional Commissioners
    Bob and, Ida Mae Morehead, OH
    Laura Mathew, CO/AZ
    Janice Muirhead, Assist. CO.
    Glen and Trish Morehead, WA.
    Ray Muirhead, VA.

    If you wish to contact us, feel free to use the following options:
    Telephone: 253-219-8736
    Postal address
    Muirhead Clan Society 
    c/o Raymond Morehead, Esq. 
    6522 194th Ave. E. 
    Bonney Lake, WA 98391 

    Electronic mail
    General Information: raymond@clanmuirhead.com

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