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Please Note: Clan Muirhead is a Volunteer Organization, and orders may take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to process.

Types of memberships: Annual, Friend of the Clan, Life and Honorary

Dues are due Jan. 1st each year. Renewals made after March 1st will be considered and dues after that date will be same as new member. Membership Dues Reminders will be sent out December 1st and January 31st of the New Year. Overdue notices will be sent out February 15th. Members will be contacted by e-mail unless they do not have one, then by post.

***Please keep us advised of any changes in your e-mail and or postal address.***

Your membership will include:

Membership letter
Membership Certificate
Membership Card
"Muirhead Clan Society" official Sticker (one free per paid membership)
Can vote and hold office in the Clan
<Optional additional stickers for members $ 1.50 ea. This price is at cost and can be ordered at any time.>

New Membership: $20.00 for single or family membership. Family membership consists of yourself, spouse, and all minor children.

Renewal: $15.00

Friend: Friend of the clan memberships will be set at $15.00
 ( Includes same as the full and life members except shall not be able to vote or hold office.)

Life: $150.00 
(Includes same as full member.)

Honorary: Honorary members will be selected by the Clan Elders and pays no dues. (Includes the same benefits, as the full and life members except shall not be able to vote or hold office.) 

It is now possible for anyone interested in purchasing Clan Muirhead
Modern tartan at a very affordable price to place their order with
Atlanta Kilts.   The weaver's set-up fee has been paid, thanks to nine
Clan Muirhead member's donations,  making it possible for orders for all
to be placed.

To get your kilt or fabric from this first weaving ever of our Clan
Muirhead Modern tartan here in the U.S. it is necessary for you to place
your order no later than June 20.  I apologize for this short
notice.  Especially in this initial weaving the weaver needs to know the
yardage to be woven, certainly to know the quantity, but to see the
degree of interest as well.

Instructions for kilt or skirt measurements that you need to give when
ordering are found on
<>.  You will also find on Atlanta's web site
other items that can be made from our Clan Muirhead tartan, and items to
complete your Scottish outfit.   Kilts and women's skirts cost $89.99
plus $15.98 shipping, and fabric costs $19 per yard.   The tartan fabric
is "acrylic wool".

Your order must be PHONED in to Atlanta Kilts, as at this early stage
you cannot order on-line.  To place your order or if you have any
questions call 1-877-411-5458 and ask to speak with Joan as she is our
contact there.   Payment will be expected at the time of ordering.

Hopefully, you will be able to place an order by or on June 20, but if
not the way has been made for ordering Clan Muirhead Modern tartan at
any time.

Janice Muirhead
Clan Muirhead Society
Council Elder
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Clan Sticker.  Available in other sizes with special order. Standard Clan Sticker comes in black on white or blue on white and is $3.00 each sticker. 

Badge.jpg (14142 bytes)

Pewter Clan Badges.  Width of 2 and 3/4 inches, with broach pin back. The Clan badge mold and sample has been made by Sparta Pewter in Canada.  Not only do they look great but they would make rare gifts for your other family members as well.  Badge price ea. @ $20.00 include shipping. 


 Clan Muirhead Kilt Pins  $20.00 ea.

Clan Muirhead Lapel Pins $10.00 ea.


beltbuckle.jpg (34130 bytes)
Belt buckle is pewter from Scotland, (Badge and Buckle sold separately, shown together to give you an idea of what it looks like together.) Palladium finish-never have to polish. Fits standard kilt belt, not made to fit today’s belts. Kilt belts are 2 and a 1/4 inches width, black and fit sizes 32-56 standard American: Clan Crest Buckle: $28.00 Kilt belt: $35.00

These can be ordered from the Scottish Sword and Shield.

Laird_of_Muirhead_CD.jpg (18987 bytes)
In the year 2000, I commissioned at my own personal expense The Celtic Troubadors, Randall and Linda Dighton to record the ballad "The Laird of Muirhead" on a CD. I am happy to say it has become a reality in 2001. The CD The Best of Amaryllis, Clan Muirhead Special Edition.

1.The Laird of Muirhead/2. Scotland the Brave/3.Scottish Soldier/4. Danny Boy/5. The Scotsman/6. Dark Island/7. The Tartan/8. Jock o' Hazeldean/9. Star of the County Down/10. Leezie Lindsay/11. American Beer/12. Flower of Scotland/13. Loch Lomond 
NKcover.jpg (55744 bytes)
CD Currently Out Of Stock

 RJMcover.jpg (7621 bytes)

Copies of this book is offered by Raymond Lloyd Muirhead, son of Ray Jerome, author.  $28.00 Limited Quantities!


Copyright Artwork 
by R. L. Morehead



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Front                                                      Back

New Clan T-shirts 
Colored T-shirts from Laura Muirhead-Matthew
 To order T-shirts:
Contact her and order by Size and Color

Laura Muirhead-Matthew or by phone at 480-580-7238


Signed and Numbered Art Print For Sale by Raymond Morehead

Remember_Flodden.gif (9186 bytes)

"Remembering The Battle of Flodden 1513"
20" X 26" PRINT ONLY

RETAIL- $60.00

11” x 17” PRINT ONLY

RETAIL- $45.00 


8.5" x 11” PRINT ONLY

RETAIL- $30.00

NOTE CARDS With Same Artwork

RETAIL per. 10ea. w/envelopes- $12.00

Matting depends on size and Type


All Postage Included in above prices (US Orders Only) Sent USPS By Weight
Ordering outside of the US: Please contact Raymond Morehead for Shipping Prices.


Can be shipped USPS priority Three day delivery.
Prints are rolled and shipped in tube.

Original artwork sized 20” x 25” price: $700. 00 USD (plus insurance and postage)

(Profits of sales will go to help support the Muirhead Clan Society, the Muirhead Arts and Culture Scholarship (The MAC Scholarship) and Clan Hunter). 

The Muirhead Clan Society is a non-profit, charitable organization. 

Click here to contact Raymond to order

About the Art work: “Remembering Flodden 1513”

The Battle of Flodden Field, also known as the Battle of Branxton Moor, September 9th 1513 where it was estimated some 10,000 Loyal Scots were killed. The Scottish King James IV, the Flower of Scottish nobility and many lesser known Peers and commoners of Scotland perished on that day. History often fails to record and/or recognize the many lesser known clans and families of Scotland who are none the less patriots of Scottish attempts towards her independence from England.

This original artwork by Raymond L. Morehead a descendant of Muirhead Ancestors dedicates this artwork in remembrance of two of the many clans/families
Lost or nearly forgotten in the mists of time. “Remember Flodden” is in memory of John Muirhead Laird of Lauchope, Chief of the name and some 200 of his own name. Who, along with John Hunter and others gave their lives in support of their King and country nearly five hundred years ago.

This artwork is not intended to be historically correct in detail, but a symbolic representation. A commemorative artistic remembrance if you will, dedicated to the Muirhead and Hunter clan/families and to all the brave Scots who perished on Flodden Field.

“Remember the men from whence you came. For in remembering, they live on.”

Muirhead Clan Society Fund Raiser

$11.00 for 10 cards and matching envelopes.

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