Welcome to the Muirhead Clan Data Base Archive Project

    It is our hope that the information contained in this site will aid you in your family research and solely dependant on donations of family information for its growth and accuracy.

    To obtain information about your lineage, contact the Keeper of the Database by e-mail or post with the known details of your lineage. Upon verification of current membership, The Keeper of the Database will verify and contact you with more details as time allows. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Keeper of the Database (Susan Shaw), or Clan Chief Raymond Morehead, or Clan Secretary, Sandie Morehead.

A note on the Clan Database:

The Database contains over 134,500 individuals and is maintained
by Susan Shaw, Clan Bard, Keeper of the Database. We have changed the access policy
do to the findings that some individuals were supplying the information downloaded
from the Clan Muirhead Databaseto Genealogy sites. Those sites then charge
others to access the same information. Clan Muirhead does not, nor will we ever sell
family information that has been donated to our database.

To protect our database we are now updating the website to request that new members send
Susan as much of their known family line as they have. Susan will then check our database
for any possible connections.  If new connections to that line are found, she will send only that added 
information back to the member.

Should your family line not have a current connection in the database, 
your informationwill be added to the Database. If a connection is made
Susan will contact you by email.

The work within our Society is all done by volunteers. One of our goals 
is to help our members with making family connections. To do this 
important work we need our members to send us their best verified family 
information and notes on sources if they have them.

As Chief Elect,  I will always do my best, and open to your questions 
and comments.

A work in progress for kith and kin all,

Rev. (Ret.) Chev. Raymond L. Morehead, GOTJ, FSA Scot