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    It is our hope that the information contained in this site will aid you in your family research and solely dependant on donations of family information for its growth and accuracy. This site is available for the use of current members as a privilege of membership and requires an password to access. The access password can and will be changed from time to time for the security of the site.

    To obtain a copy of the database, contact the Keeper of the Database by e-mail or post. Upon verification of current membership you will be given a copy of the Clan Archive. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Keeper of the Database, Susan Shaw, or Clan Chief Raymond Morehead, or Clan Secretary, Sandie Morehead.

Important Note:

    All new, corrections and/or changes must be submitted through Susan Shaw. This database/Clan Archive is kept and operated out of Family Tree Maker 8.0 Program and will be updated as needed.

Important note to Contributors:

    Every effort has been made to remove personal information of living family members. If two persons wish to contact each other, the arrangements must be made through Susan Shaw and only by mutual agreement by both parties in writing via e-mail or post through the Keeper of the Database.

About the Muirhead Clan Archive/Data Base and Disclaimer

    The Clan database is a collection of genealogical information from pedigree charts, family group records, family letters and notes, donated to our database since 1999. The information has not been verified against any official records unless noted so. Since this information in our database is 100% contributed it is the responsibility of those who use the information to verify its accuracy and source. Sources of information are given when and if submitted. We will make every effort to correct, amend and/or change the information as needed.

    You may NOT use any of this information contained in this database for selling, promoting products or services, soliciting clients, or any other commercial purpose.

    Publication of any copied information contained in this site and/or database without the permission of the Muirhead Clan Society is strictly prohibited.


Current Version: Jan 2016

    *Note* It is available in two formats GED and FTM Format
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