Honors and Events

Order of the Saltire

As the Muirhead Clan Society President and Commander in Chief Elect, it gives me great pleasure to award you with Clan Muirhead’s highest honor for exceptional service in the advancement of the goals of the Muirhead Clan Society. This custom designed medal and certificate has been produced to recognize members for their enthusiastic spirit, dedication, and contributions to success and growth of Clan Muirhead.

As representative of the Muirhead Clan Society, I will record your name among an elite and honored group of our members, in our Clan Rolls and Clan history as an “Order of the Saltire” recipient.

Be it therefore known to all, our heirs, kith and kin and friends alike that they should show honor to you, for you have brought honor to us all through your contributions to us all.


For Clan and Kindred’s Cause They Gave...

Recipients for the year:

Previous recipients:

December 2009
Madam Pauline Hunter, Chief of Clan Hunter, Robert Hunter

December 2006
Bob E. Morehead, Connie Frandson, Janice R. Muirhead

December 2005
Janice R. Muirhead, Gerald Neil Muirhead, Composer of “March of the Muirhead Clan”

December 2004 Laura E. Muirhead Matthew, Council Elder and Clan Convener

December 2003
Raymond L. Muirhead
Frances and Hillis Swanson
Nola M. Karr
Susan Nunes
David W. Morehead
Connie and Arnold Frandson

December 2002
Fran McGregor
Robert and Bonnie Schueler
Jeremy Wright

December 2001
Susan Shaw
Sandie and Jerimy Smith
David Grossett
Larry Smith
Charles D. Morehead
Adam L. Morehead

Dec. 2000
Sandie L. Morehead Smith
Susan Shaw
David Grossett


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