Honored Links of Friendship

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Pictured above, Chief Elect Raymond Morehead presenting Madame Pauline Hunter, Hunter Clan Chief, a handcrafted, scrimshawed powder horn, in May 2001, Hunterston Castle, Scotland

On August 1, 2001, Chief Elect Raymond Morehead, received an e-mail letter from Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk, Clan Chief and 30th Laird, informing him that at the last meeting of the Clan Officers of the Hunter Clan that the Muirhead Clan was invited to "Forge a link of Friendship" with Clan Hunter. Both clans would, in every aspect, maintain their own identity and their own structure, and that the Clan Associations would be run separately. Clan Hunter, in forging this link of friendship, is making available to Clan Muirhead the facilities of Hunterston Castle during Clan Hunter International Clan Gatherings. Clan Muirhead and any and all its members are welcome to join Clan Hunter and the use of their Facilities in the second half of July 2004 and every three years after.

On August 2, 2001 the honor was accepted that was given to the Muirhead Clan Members, and a letter was sent Madam Hunter of acceptance and grateful thanks to Clan Hunter for this honor on our behalf.

"Dear Madam Pauline Hunter
of Hunterston and of that Ilk,
Clan Chief and 30th Laird

As President, and on behalf of the Muirhead Clan Society, I accept with honor the link of friendship extended by Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk, Clan Chief and 30th Laird; and I Raymond Lee Morehead Esq., FSA Scot, President of the Clan Muirhead do hereby return the same. This historic linking of our individual clans through friendship, maintaining our own identities and structure, yet sharing not only our common history but also a commitment to an ancient bond is now extended into the future of both our clans. From the battlefields of our ancestors we today across great expanses of water and time once again find the hands of our two clans clasped in
a renewed link of friendship meant, I think, always to be."

This historic link of friendship extends beyond Scotland to where ever Clan Hunter gathers. So if the Muirhead Clan society is not yet represented at your local games and gatherings, look for a Hunter Tent and you will have found a friend and a temporary gathering place. This link of friendship works both ways and at any gathering of the Muirhead Clan, the Hunters are always welcome.

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